Solverware was founded to provide engineering, technology and software solutions for engineers. Our business includes commercial engineering software and our engineering software website where we market and sell a wide array of engineering products.

Solverware is located in San Diego, California in the United States. We have a toll-free order line setup at (888) 482-4507 (the toll free area includes the US only).

In addition to this website, Solverware operates, a leading source of affordable engineering software. One of our purposes is to make it much easier for engineers to obtain the tools they need to do their jobs more productively.

Our services

Our purpose and activities are reflected the words engineering + software. Our current activities include:

  • Market engineering software for any engineering discipline through
  • Create and market software products of broad interest to engineers
  • Assist other developers of engineering software market their products through
  • Create custom engineering software for various industries, including energy, manufacturing, utilities, chemical, petrochemical and other industries
  • Provide engineering consulting services in the heat transfer and compact heat exchanger areas

Our products

Solverware has developed numerous engineering applications including the following:

  • Natural gas compressibility calculator, which is currently in service on a natural gas pipeline in Brazil, used in custody transfer
  • Compact heat exchanger design software - uses unique algorithms for aerothermal design on gas-to-gas, compact heat exchangers for recuperated gas turbine cycles
  • Flow calculation software through orifices, flow nozzles, venturis, based on flow standards releases
  • Mist Eliminator design software to size commercially available mist eliminators
  • Physical property software to provide accurate physical properties of heat transfer fluids
  • Valve tray design software to design distillation columns used in the petrochemical industry